Talk to a DUI Lawyer


DUI cases tend to move rather quickly through the court system, and there may be important deadlines that affect your right to assert certain defenses or call witnesses.

It's important that you understand the process your case will follow and the important requirements and deadlines before you take any action--so don't delay.


Talk to a local DUI lawyer as soon as possible to gather important information such as:

  • When and how can you get your driver's license reinstated.

  • What penalties do you face if convicted of DUI?

  • Does your state have a mandatory ignition interlock device law?

  • Was your breathalyzer or blood alcohol content (BAC) test properly administered?

  • What are the indirect DUI penalties, such as increased insurance rates and diminished job opportunities?

It's easy to make mistakes under pressure, so make sure that you have the information you need to make good, educated decisions during this process.

Have you been charged with DUI? Keep in mind that a local DUI lawyer may be able to help you fight the charges against you and save your driver's license.


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